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The industrial chiller cannot be started, it can be ruled out according to the following experience

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First check the main circuit of the industrial chiller. For example, whether the power supply has electricity, whether the voltage is normal, whether the fuse has been blown due to starting overload, whether the air switch has tripped, whether the switch contacts are good, and whether the power supply lacks phase. Observe the voltmeter and ammeter when starting. When the chiller is not equipped with an ammeter or voltmeter, you can use a multimeter or a tester to check the power supply. When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor cannot be started. For piston refrigeration compressors, whether the large-end bearing bushes and the curved sleeves of the connecting rods are caught. These may be caused by the excessively high exhaust temperature during the previous operation, or it may be caused by the coking of the lubricating oil, which causes the cylinder and the piston to stick together, which prevents the compressor from starting. Check differential pressure relay and high and low voltage relay. When the oil pressure of the compressor is abnormal, the compressor can be stopped. At the same time, when the compressor discharge pressure and suction pressure are abnormal, neither can start or the compressor will stop running soon after it has started. Check whether the amount of chilled water, cooling water, and water temperature are normal. If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, it will cause the condensing pressure to rise sharply and the evaporation temperature to drop rapidly. Due to the action of the unit protection facilities, the unit often shuts down quickly. Check whether the relevant solenoid valves and regulating valves are out of order, and whether they are opened or closed as required. Check whether there is a leakage of working fluid in the temperature sensing bag of the temperature relay, or the adjustment is wrong.

    The following work should be done before starting the industrial chiller. First, check whether the power supply is normal. The power supply voltage should not exceed or be lower than ±10% of the rated voltage of the unit. Commonly used voltages are 3-phase 380V and single-phase 220V. When the voltage is too low or too high, the chiller cannot be started. For compressor units with water systems, carefully check whether there is water in the cooling water system and the chilled water system, whether the water pressure is normal, and whether the cooling water and chilled water pipeline systems are unblocked. Check whether various pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, solenoid valves, relays, and energy regulating valves of industrial chillers are in good condition. Check the transmission device, if it is driven by a belt, whether its various protective devices are completely reliable, and whether all kinds of wrong equipment and protective equipment are complete and effective. Check whether the various valves of the high-pressure system and low-pressure system of the industrial chiller are in the correct switching state when starting or running. Check crankcase lubricant. The oil level should not be lower than or higher than the indicated oil level. If the lubricating oil is not enough, add enough lubricating oil of the same specification and model. Check whether the refrigerant system of the industrial chiller is leaking, and whether the lubricating oil system is leaking. Check whether the liquid level of the liquid storage tank is normal, and the liquid level should be kept between one-third and two-thirds. Read shift records, installation and repair records, reports and drawings.

    The role of industrial chillers is to provide industrial chilled water to cool the equipment to ensure the stability of product quality and improve the production efficiency of the entire factory. During use, carefully observe and listen to the sounds and abnormalities of the various components of the unit, and regularly perform maintenance work on the chiller. When the unit is not used for a long time, drain the water from the pipeline and cover the unit with objects, etc. .