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How to analyze the causes of corrosion in industrial chillers

release time:2021-03-30 09:05:42  瀏覽次數: 986

With the development of science and technology, industrial chillers are more and more used in various fields of industry, making due contributions to industrial production and improving product quality.

The industrial chiller is also a piece of mechanical equipment. After running for a long time, there will be some problems. Corrosion is one of the common phenomena of chillers.

In order to prevent the chiller from corrosion, extend the service life, and improve the life of the equipment, the following editor discusses several reasons for the corrosion of the chiller for professional friends, and then adopts corresponding measures to prevent the chiller from corrosion, which affects the production of your own enterprise.

1. Unreasonable engineering construction and design equipment cause corrosion.

Some professional friends should have encountered it. For example, after purchasing industrial water chillers, especially ordinary water chillers, they have not undergone anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other process treatments. They are directly placed in an outdoor environment. After a long time, the wind and sun will form a shell. corrosion.

2. The faulty device or abnormal operation of the water processor causes corrosion.

The cooling water pipeline is the channel for the water-cooled chiller to circulate the cooling water. The water quality determines whether the system pipeline shows scale and rust. If the water processor is not in place or works abnormally, rust will occur.

3. The decontamination device is mostly Y-type filter, which is weak in filtering fine impurities.

The Y-type filter has a simple device and simple cleaning. It can coarsely filter mechanical impurities, iron filings, and sand particles, but can not filter fine impurities. Therefore, the unit runs for a long time, and it is easy to form condenser fouling and accumulation. Mud and other impurities.

4. There is no quick drain valve in the chilled water system

The fast blowdown valve is a blowdown valve used in a refrigerator or chilled water system. It has a simple structure, good sealing, small size and light weight. It is especially suitable for regular sewage discharge of the system. At the same time, it has corrosion resistance, impact resistance and service life. Long and other strengths.

Nowadays, the end plate of industrial refrigerators in many enterprises is not equipped with quick blowdown valves. Corrosion of system pipes will be formed. In normal use of chillers, the closed blowdown valve should be opened 3 times a week to facilitate system blowdown.

5. No water meter is installed in the water supply pipeline of the cooling system

For the treatment of water quality, the cooling system generally uses medicaments and bacterial agents to kill and manage internal fungi, microorganisms, various types of dust, etc. When using medicaments, a quantitative amount of medicament should be allocated according to the amount of water and the amount of system water.

If there is no water meter for measurement, the dosage will be inaccurate, which will cause corrosion of the system pipeline in the later stage.

6. Acid and alkaline gases in the environment corrode the appearance of the equipment

It is inevitable that there will be special gases in the production of the factory, such as the flow of acid and alkaline gases, which will damage the appearance of the equipment. Therefore, when choosing a chiller in such an environment, you should clarify to the professional in advance that the electric control cabinet or the evaporator pipeline Explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant pipelines are preferred. In order to avoid the formation of later corrosion loss.

With the development of industry and the continuous use of new materials and new processes, the application scenarios of industrial chillers have also become diverse, which invisibly increases the probability of equipment corrosion.